How to add RSAT tools in Windows 10 1809+

Microsoft PowerShell

Starting with Windows 10 1809, there is a new way to add RSAT tools to Windows 10. In organizations that use Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCCM) or WSUS, this may fail because the Features on Demand are not present on the WSUS server. To work around this, you can use the below process to get the Features on Demand from Windows Update instead.

  1. Run GPEDIT.MSC and navigate to:
    Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System
  2. Configure the policy Specify settings for optional component installation and component repair and set it to Enabled. This essentially tells your computer to not use WSUS for FoD.
  3. Using the table below, identify the RSAT tools you want to install, and use the Name column with the next step.
  4. Launch an administrative PowerShell window and run this command:
Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name Rsat.ServerManager.Tools~~~~ -LimitAccess
  1. You can now disable the group policy you enabled in the first step.

RSAT Tools List

Rsat.ActiveDirectory.DS-LDS.Tools~~~~ Active Directory Domain Services and Lightweight Directory Services Tools
Rsat.BitLocker.Recovery.Tools~~~~ BitLocker Drive Encryption Administration Utilities
Rsat.CertificateServices.Tools~~~~ Active Directory Certificate Services Tools
Rsat.DHCP.Tools~~~~ DHCP Server Tools
Rsat.Dns.Tools~~~~ DNS Server Tools
Rsat.FailoverCluster.Management.Tools~~~~ Failover Clustering Tools
Rsat.FileServices.Tools~~~~ File Services Tools
Rsat.GroupPolicy.Management.Tools~~~~ Group Policy Management Tools
Rsat.IPAM.Client.Tools~~~~ IP Address Management (IPAM) Client
Rsat.LLDP.Tools~~~~ Data Center Bridging LLDP Tools
Rsat.NetworkController.Tools~~~~ Network Controller Management Tools
Rsat.NetworkLoadBalancing.Tools~~~~ Network Load Balancing Tools
Rsat.RemoteAccess.Management.Tools~~~~ Remote Access Management Tools
Rsat.RemoteDesktop.Services.Tools~~~~ Remote Desktop Servcies Tools
Rsat.ServerManager.Tools~~~~ Server Manager
Rsat.Shielded.VM.Tools~~~~ Shielded VM Tools
Rsat.StorageMigrationService.Management.Tools~~~~ Storage Migration Service Management Tools
Rsat.StorageReplica.Tools~~~~ Storage Replica Module for Windows PowerShell
Rsat.SystemInsights.Management.Tools~~~~ System Insights Module for Windows PowerShell
Rsat.VolumeActivation.Tools~~~~ Volume Activation Tools
Rsat.WSUS.Tools~~~~ Windows Server Update Services Tools
RSAT Tools List (as of 6/8/2021)

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